EPM Consulting Group (EPMCG)
is a multifaceted New York-based consulting firm that specializes within the entertainment and music industries.



 Artist Development - B2B Consultation - Booking - Marketing - Management - Public Relations

We manage recording artists, DJs, songwriters, record producers, and businesses alike. By personally and passionately guiding our talent, we are able to help them build their brand and establish a reputable foundation on which they can sustain a fruitful career. At times, it can be difficult to find your place in this world. It's this continuous endeavor in life that we have all familiarize ourselves with; A journey, filled with the many hurdles and adversities that try and hinder us from reaching our goals.

At EPM, we’ve learned that surrounding ourselves with the right people, and embracing a positive mentality, are vital components to help conquer this unapologetic venture. Our team has come together - from all different sides of the entertainment and music industry - to build an extended network of creators, businessmen & business women, artists, entertainers, innovators and influencers; To collectively take on what the world has to throw at us. We are always looking to expand our family, to grow and learn from each other and the world around us, open up our imagination, and challenge ourselves. We are always moving. We are always striving for excellence.  

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CEO & Founder

Meet the Founder

Edward Pierre-Paul began EPM Consulting Group in the spring of 2014 motivated by his desire to begin a different kind of consulting group. As a first generation Haitian-American, Edward witnessed his mother tirelessly work two jobs, raise him and his three siblings, and study for her Master’s degree as a nurse practitioner. While Edward’s father ignited his love of Haitian music. Edward studied Management of Musical Enterprises at Baruch College, The City University of New York, but was already formulating lasting relationships with musicians and entertainers in and around the New York area.

Inspired by his mother’s work ethic, his father’s musical passion, as well as his own eagerness to achieve the highest level of excellence, Edward endeavored to create a unique kind of entertainment consulting firm. His desire was to build the type of firm in which the client’s aspirations were as valuable as the firm’s. A firm dedicated to Excellence, Prestige, and Mentoring. The result was EPM Consulting Group. Today, Edward is enthusiastic about building fruitful and long-lasting relationships with each of his distinct clients through EPM.

He cheerfully lends his time and love to charity organizations, such as Global Medical Brigade, Room to Read, and the Syrian Refugee Relief (in collaboration with American Red Cross). As the President and Founder of EPM Consulting Group, Edward proudly acknowledges EPM’s ability to execute excellence in every situation, from management to fundraisers to charity events to concerts. However, his chief concern still remains the same, his client’s infinite success.