You are cordially invited to the release of EPM Consulting Group's newly revamped website - WWW.EPMCGROUP.COM. It's honestly been quite some time that I have been working on this site. Being very meticulous and tedious with its elements. Hoping to provide the perfect journey for any user once they have visited. My fellow peers told me that if you don't put it out, you will never put it out. And that holds to be very true.

The website will officially be live and running on my birthday, July 19th, 2019. Hope to have you join in on the online experience. I want to keep you all up to date with all the new music, events, and news that's happening amongst the EPM family!

Thank you for your continued support! Any and all feedback is highly encouraged!

P.S. I will be celebrating this milestone and life event on Saturday, July 20th at Pier 40 - Infinity Hornblower Cruises at 9pm. Feel free to join me in person!


I find myself each year learning something deeply new about who I am and who I am becoming. I reflect upon all that God has given me this past year. I simply want to say Thank you for shedding your grace on thee. This year could have been entirely different however it was just perfect! I became a new father to a beautiful baby girl named Jade! She is my world! She reminds me of what it means to genuinely smile and laugh and enjoy life! Patience is key! Reminding me of my innocent adolescent self. Wanting to protect her, guide her and teach her everything and give her the world! I found the best partner one man could ever ask for. I appreciate you so dearly France.

The life of an entrepreneur is never-ending. Both day and night and countless hours of no sleep but always growing, expanding, and reaching more and more to your goals! It has certainly thought me more than I thought I could imagine this past decade. I am in a good place right now. Excited for the new milestones ahead and thankful for all the blessings I have and continue to receive!

I don't really share much but I've learned and continue to learn from my peers that it's ok to do so. (Cue the orchestra) I wanted to invite you to celebrate my life with me. It is sort of last minute but I'd be happy to have you join in on the celebration. On Saturday, July 20th, it will be held on a beautiful boat at the Hornblower Infinity - Dress to Impress! And come in style! You know how I like to show out with my friends! Boarding begins at 9 pm! And sails at 10:30 pm!