#SSRR Pt. 6 >> THE TURKEY TURNUP << w/DJ NAPPY (Do Androids Dance/Rock The Dub)


Swarming Sounds & Raging Rounds Concert Tour -- 

Here's your chance to catch some pretty prominent artists in an intimate setting!

Hosted by Mr. Eddie P & Catucci Records 

Presented by residents SANiTY & SP RageQuit


Part six of our monthly concert tour is READY TO GO!
Due to the overwhelming positive feedback of the venue, we will be throwing down at Tobacco Road, the infamous Bikini Bar right near the heart of Times Square!! 

We will also be having an awesome artist showcase before the Djs go on!

This particular SSRR will be a special thank you to all of you who have shown support thus far, in celebration of Thanksgiving :)


If you don't know by now, SSRR is a true themed event, not just your average party. The "Raging Rounds" part of the name represents how the event will be setup. Our resident host Mr. Eddie P will be dressed in his tux announcing each "round" (set) as an announcer does in an actual boxing match (the whole "Let's get ready to rumble" thing, "Round 1- fight!" etc) :D

There will be TONS of crowd involvement and the theme will really accentuate what we're trying to do here. Watch how it all comes together on Nov 22nd! Will you survive against all the performers?!?!?!

In one corner is you guys/gals, THE CROWD!

In the other corner are these talented acts & DJs:

****ARTIST SHOWCASE**** (7:00pm-9:45pm)


★ Kritty 

★   Indigo

★ Sydney Sahr

★ Ryan Cole 

**EDM DJ PARTY**** (10:00pm-4:00am)

Featuring our headliner, reppin' Princeton NJ:

★ Dj Nappy (the thugstep architect) 
Do Androids Dance / rock the dub

Our resident DJs



★ SP RageQuit

Our guest DJs

★ Waximus


★ dOpe tendencies


18+ To SWARM
21+ To RAGE


$10 for everyone ALL NIGHT**

**Remember to get there early at 7pm for a special artist showcase! This $10 cover charge includes admission to the artist showcase from 7-9:45pm AND the EDM party from 10:15pm-4am. What a DEAL xD

Bottle Service for 21+ available upon request
$250 for top-shelf liquor including Ciroc
2/$350 for well liquors!

More drink & beer specials to be added soon.

Are y'all ready to battle against the swarming sounds of these artists and engage in each raging round for a fight to the death?!

Who will win...

...THEM or YOU?

Come rage with us and find out.