Homesick: Premiere Event Recap

"The Premiere of 'H O M E S I C K' showcased the dedication of EPM Consulting Group artist, SANiTY, and his brother Kritty. The facial expressions of each guest proved the creative efforts of SANiTY and Kritty into a unified experience for all those in attendance. The energy exchanged between the artists and attendees reinforces the vision of EPM Events in creating a truly memorable evening. We would like to thank every individual who witnessed
‘H O M E S I C K’ with us for the first time and invite all who were not able to attend, to share the experience in the #HOMESICKHANDS campaign. The ‘H O M E S I C K’ video release party was truly a memorable event and once again we thank every individual who made the experience possible." - Edward Pierre-Paul, EPM Consulting Group/ EPM Events