DJ SANiTY Brings Music and Art Back to the East Coast With New Medley Visual

"On March 14th, up and coming producer DJ SANiTY dropped the video for two tracks off his latest compilation, East Coast G House. The compilation, which was curated and executively produced by SANiTY,  features the first track, "Ride" produced by DJ SANiTY and created with rapper R. Legend, and the second track, "2 Da House" produced by SOUND.E, featuring rappers Mav'Rick and Chillz. The two tracks were combined to create a bright and lively medley, which acted as inspiration for the visual representation of the eclectic music genre that is G-House (ghetto house) and it’s migration to the East Coast. SANiTY is known for his manipulation of the G-House genre to incorporate equally heavy components of house music and 90’s rap and hip-hop; he adds his own East Coast rap touches to the music by inviting scene producers and rappers like SOUND.E, Mav’Rick, Chillz, and R. Legend. In this way, he’s relocating the genre to the East Coast, particularly to the place he calls home, New York City." - Maya Georgi

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