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Feature 002: Green Day Pushes Punk Agenda

It seems that punk-rock supergroup, Green Day, always has a fitting and much needed agenda when America is in political turmoil. Staying true to their rebellious ways, the trio released an album, with a title that could have maybe used a bit of abstraction, Revolution Radio. But while it harbors a political agenda, Green Day also speaks directly to the saturated pop music world.

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Feature 001: Artist or Alien?

Unable to shake my hand, he embraced me instead. His palms bled from blisters smelling of sawdust and drumsticks; His shirt drenched with fervor and angst; His voice a bit shaky and his spanglish chromatic, he told me

“Man, Gracias. Thank you so much. How you say viva? Increíble? Chet. I’m alive!”

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