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EPM Consulting Group is a multifaceted New York consulting firm that specializes within the entertainment and music industries.


EPM Events provides a prominent experience with exquisite event planning in the corporate, fundraising, and nightlife sectors. 


EPM Live is a concert production company that features electrifying and powerful new music that will leave you with a momentous experience. 


EPM Media delivers insight into the entertainment and music industries, with a fresh perspective. 


Why EPM?

At times, it can be difficult to find your place in this world. It’s this continuous endeavor in life that we have all familiarized ourselves with; A journey, filled with the many hurdles and adversities that try and hinder us from reaching our goals. At EPM, we’ve learned that surrounding ourselves with the right people, and embracing a positive mentality, are vital components to help conquer this unapologetic venture. Our team has come together - from all different sides of the entertainment and music industry - to build an extended network of creators, businessmen & business women, artists, entertainers, innovators and influencers; To collectively take on what the world has to throw at us. We are always looking to expand our family, to grow and learn from each other and the world around us, open up our imagination, and challenge ourselves. We are always moving. We are always striving for excellence.  


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We have serviced our patrons and businesses alike throughout numerous venues in NYC. Ranging from lounges, bars, and restaurants, to rooftops and high end clubs, we accommodate all walks of life. Join us at our next event! Click here for more info. 



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Your journey means the world to EPM. Let us help your vision make a seamless transition into reality.